Chester Gate

ID: SM-000223187
ComposerMichael J.D. Roberts
Year of composition 2015
Genre Jazz
Key C major
Instrumentation Drum set, Free choice: Any Instrument, Instrument in C, Bass Clef Instrument, Instrument in E Flat
Scored forQuartet, Quintet, Sextet, Septet
Type of scoreFull score, Parts
Duration 3'0"
Difficulty Medium
Description This ballad is based on a modified version of John Coltrane-esque chord progressions. The name comes from Chester Gate, Regent's Park (London) which is a very relaxing place to go and recharge after a frantic day in town.

A few performance points:

This should be performed with 2 - 3 lead players, but it can be done with just 1.

Although the tune is quite slow and should be easy to play, the leadsheets are fairly complicated to give players the information they need to perform it on the fly. The harmonies at the [B] section are separated out into respective parts for ease of reading.

Soloing to this melody is both easy, because of the slow pace, and difficult, because of the constantly-shifting chords and keys.

It is an 11-bar form, which will catch out the unwary player, so beware!!

I hope you find it enjoyable and relaxing. I would love to hear what people make of it in their jazz bands, please do drop me a message at with any feedback!
Upload date 07.03.2015
Total downloads 8

Sheet music file including a license for an unlimited number of performances, limited to one year.
PDF, 507.1 Kb (9 p.)


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